Yard Clean-Up

Life can get in the way of your yard clean up and yard maintenance routine, and neglecting your yard clean up duties for too long can cause irreversible harm to the health of your lawn. Removing outdoor debris is important for keeping your backyard healthy, growing, and thriving year-round.

Don’t let the thought of finding affordable lawn care stress you out. If you’re looking for ground’s cleanup services for your business or house, Ceron Landscaping will get it done in an efficient, cost-effective way.

Yard Installation

When you’re ready for a brand-new lawn, it’s important to remember that not all grass seeds are created equal. First, we’ll help you select the right seed variety based on your climate, soil and turf requirements.

Next, we’ll prep the ground, broadcast the seed, and fertilize the soil according to industry best practices. Before we leave, we’ll provide you with instructions on when to water your soon-to-be lawn.

We are dedicated to providing you with the very best value in high quality lawn installation. You can count on a high-quality product and service at a reasonable price when you purchase a lawn installation plan from us.

Our yard installation team has over many years’ experience. Our lawn installation process is professional and effective.

Gardening Services

Keep the gardens in your landscape in great shape! Our professionals address your gardens’ heath and aesthetic through first-class services.

We provide our clients with the best gardening and planting services and aim to exceed their expectations. Count on our qualified experts for your tree trimming.

Hardscape Services

Critical to a beautiful hardscape installation or masonry job is knowing how to do it correctly. But consider how many paver patios you’ve seen where the edges fail or the stones are so uneven that you could trip if you didn’t pay attention to every step you took.

Our experts have the knowledge and experience to properly install all types of hardscaping and masonry, the first time around.

We excavate to the correct depths to support the interlocking pavement system at hand, and we use properly graded base material, the right edge restraints, high-quality pavers and polymeric stabilizer sand.

Put everything together and you can rest assured that a hardscape installation completed by our team will last for many years to come.

Fence Installation

Do you need a fence installation service to put up a fence around your property? Then Ceron Landscaping is the fencing company you need. We have helped dozens of home owners all over the area install all sorts of fences, and can help you as well.

Ceron Landscaping is family owned and operated, and we take a great amount of pride in the fencing installation services we offer.

You have probably seen some of our beautiful fences around town, and we want you to see more of them. Our goal is to provide the community at large with beautiful, sturdy, and durable fences, all at a great price.

When it comes to fencing projects, we are the fencing company that does it all. We handle aluminum fencing projects, wood fencing projects, chain link fencing projects, and vinyl fencing projects. If there is a fence service you require, then Ceron Landscaping can handle it for you no problem.

Pavers Installation

At Ceron Landscaping, we know that a paver patio can add a special element of design to your property and can give you the extra outdoor space you want. We specialize in paver patio installations and are happy to help make your patio vision come to life.

Pavers can be made from many different materials, and some of the most popular include brick, stone, and concrete.

Each type of paver has its own look and can add that special touch to your back yard. No matter which paver material you choose, you’ll enjoy the natural hardscape design of your patio and the space it gives you.

Our paver patios are perfect for an outdoor barbeque, a fire pit, a neighborhood get-together, or simply a spot to relax and unwind. In addition, a paver patio can help increase the value of your home and appeal to potential buyers, if you ever decide to sell.

Brick, Blocks & Stone Projects

Here in Ceron Landscaping we offer Brick, Blocks & Stone Projects for residential properties. We can install bricks, blocks or stone in many different projects.

Contact our team today if you need a brick, block or stone project done for your property! We are by far the best option and we cover Sacramento, CA and its surrounding communities.

Stone building has also been around since the beginning of mankind. Stone is also one of the longest lasting and strongest building materials used throughout history.

We are proud to have built many quality buildings and projects that will last for generations. There are two main stone types for homes -Natural and Cultured Stone.